SecureWorld/ISSA Luncheon 2017 September 14th

SecureWorld/ISSA Luncheon 2017 September 14th

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SecureWorld/ISSA Luncheon 2017

Advancing without a traditional security perimeter - the new reality of network security IT has struggled mightily the past couple of decades to ensure trusted access to business assets on the enterprise network. It’s been a mostly futile battle as criminals and insiders have learned how to leverage that trust to gain virtually unfettered access inside the network. Many IT organizations have relied on virtual private networks (VPN) and network access control (NAC) to give “trusted users” virtually unfettered access to enterprise network resources. As we’ve seen with innumerable network breaches, outside interlopers can exploit that trust factor to gain access, while insiders find cracks in defenses that allow them to tap into enterprise assets they have no rights to. The security model of the cloud era must focus on verified identity of users, their devices, and their roles. In adopting this model, we can focus on the techniques to verify users, whether they are inside or outside the network.

Kevin Peterson Bio:
Kevin Peterson is the director or security and network transformation at Zscaler, where he primarily works with the largest cloud security deployments to ensure that the desired business objectives are achieved. He brings with him the advantage of having lead the security efforts for one of McKesson's (Fortune 10) major business units (75 software products, managed services...), as well as the company-wide cloud security strategy, ranging from A to Z (Azure to Zscaler!). As a top practitioner and trusted advisor on both enterprise and cloud security topics, his goal is helping everyone achieve the most effective security with the lowest cost to the business. He is also a featured speaker on the Security Influencers Podcast (available on iTunes), co-author of one information security book, and patent holder on security technologies. And, of course, maintains a presence in the metro Atlanta information security community.

Main Location
Ford Motor Conference & Event Center
1151 Village Road, Dearborn, MI 48124

Luncheon Location

Eagle's Nest, Second Floor

Luncheon Date & Time

Thu, September 14, 2017
12:00 PM – 1:00 PM EDT

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