Uploaded 11/12/2017 | Cyber Security Analyst | CBI | Detroit, MI

Uploaded 11/12/2017 | Cyber Security Analyst | CBI | Detroit, MI

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Security Analyst
Full Time Employment
Part of the CBI Academy Training Program
25 - 100% potential travel requirement

CBI has been a trusted advisor in the cyber security industry since 1991. We pride ourselves in securing our clients nationwide, providing value through advisory services such as Security Assessments, Incident Response, Digital Forensics, Product Implementations and Managed Security Services.

Every single CBI employee contributes to our mission. By joining CBI, you act as a catalyst in a chain of events that helps make our interconnected world more secure for millions of people. You will be surrounded by the brightest business and technical minds in our industry who will inspire you to grow and be great. Working at CBI is your opportunity to shape an industry that’s vital to us all.

We live by the CBI Core Values:
Customer First ... know your customer and deliver value, every time
Performance Based Culture ... critical thinking that helps exceed company goals
Authentic ... honest, direct, confident, promises kept
Blue Collar Work Ethic ... come to work ready to work hard, no task is below you

Our employees think we’re a cool place to work, too! CBI has been recognized as one of Crain’s Cool Place to Work in 2016; an example of our commitment to creating a unique culture – providing career enhancing opportunities, programs and benefits that fit the needs of our workforce. We are built on talented people and we need the best of the best to accelerate our growth. Join our team of industry leaders to continue growing your career!

Position Description
Our clients are looking to us for guidance and security. Our team is here to deliver. The challenge for the Security Analyst is to learn and grow professionally while ensuring our client’s needs are exceeded every day. The Security Analyst is expected to train heavily in both technical and soft skills while getting hands on and applying knowledge in the field to secure, protect, and monitor client cyber environments. Security Analysts are challenged to continuously learn through traditional teaching methods, as well as, on-the-job training.

Comprehensive Training - CBI Academy
While working as a full-time Security Analyst for CBI, the Academy gives you the professional, soft-skills, and consulting skills not taught in any classroom. Our comprehensive and intense training program bridges the gap between InfoSec student and professional. Starting with a 12-week paid apprentice-style program, the Academy offers shadowing and mentoring opportunities that lead the Analyst into entry-level, junior-level, and mid-level consulting engagements. Here are some of the things you can expect as a Security Analyst within the CBI Academy:
Mentorship from some of the brightest and best IT security experts
Fast-paced learning environment for IT security concepts
Capture the Flag and scenario-based exercises from CBI Labs™
In-depth technical training and labs from top product vendors
Real-world learning combining consulting skills and job shadowing

Potential Analyst Focus Areas
Like the industry, CBI is fast-paced and always changing. Here are some of the potential focuses you may have while working within the CBI Academy:
Security Programs – Security Strategy
Implementation – Security Solutions
Red Team - Penetration Tests and Vulnerability Assessments
GRC - IT Governance, Risk and Compliance
Identity Access Management
Managed Services – Security Operations Center

Specialized Knowledge & Skills
We are looking for the most passionate individuals in Cyber Security to join our team. Love for the industry, and excitement to learn are mandatory. Some other qualities we look for are:
Recent IT or related degree or certifications
Foundational verbal and written communication skills
Previous work experience including internships and military experience with basic network and server administration skills a plus

Physical Requirements
General Office Demands

Benefits & Company Statement
We believe that superior performance; individual and team should be recognized and rewarded. We provide a competitive compensation program to attract, retain and motivate a high-performance workforce, and it’s flexible enough to meet the different needs of our diverse employee population.

Our mentorship and training initiatives are unmatched. CBI employees are constantly sharpening their skills and shaping their careers. Our intention is to develop employees to their highest potential, no matter what their job title might be. It’s this approach that always ensures that the right person is in the right seat and most importantly, exceling in their field.