Uploaded 3/14/2017 | IT Security | CBI

Uploaded 3/14/2017 | IT Security | CBI

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A Better Way – CBI Academy
The CBI Academy gives you the professional, soft-skills, and consulting skills not taught in any classroom. Our 2-year paid program bridges the talent gap between student and professional.

The Program
The CBI Academy is a real, paid IT risk management job. You will become an InfoSec “apprentice” under the tutelage and guidance of some of the best practitioners and strategists in the world. Starting with a 12-week paid apprentice-style program, the apprentice program is followed by shadowing and mentoring opportunities. Successful candidates then progress onto entry-level, junior-level, and mid-level consulting engagements over the next 2-years.

What to Expect from the CBI Academy

Mentorship from some of the brightest and best IT security experts
Fast-paced learning environment for IT security concepts
Capture the Flag and scenario-based exercises from CBI Labs™
In-depth technical training and labs from top product vendors
Real-world learning combining consulting skills and job shadowing

Program Areas of Focus

Penetration tests and vulnerability assessments
IT Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC)
Security product implementation and specialization

Candidate Characteristics

Recent graduate with IT degree, or
Intermediate IT professionals, military veteran with IT experience, and career changers looking to advance to the next level in InfoSec
Previous work experience including internships and military experience with basic network and server administration skills, experience, and/or understanding
Foundational verbal and written communication skills
Passion to continue growing your IT knowledge

Benefits & Company Statement

CBI believes superior performance – individual and team – that helps us drive innovations and solutions to promote better IT risk management should be recognized and rewarded. We provide a competitive compensation program to attract, retain and motivate a high-performance workforce, and it’s flexible enough to meet the different needs of our diverse employee population.

Contact Information:
Janae Bajorek